Discover the root of your disease & how to embrace natural healing!

No matter what you’re dealing with, it’s also possible for you! Let me explain HOW TO do it: 

Hi, I’m Laurie Janssens.

I teach people about the root of their suffering & how to be free! 

I work with people – suffering from emotional trauma and disease – who intuitively know there are other ways to perceive their condition.

Clients often describe me as someone ‘who is compassionate but quick at getting to the root.’

To do this I use the knowledge of German New Medicine as foundation of my work. In addition, I am a trained EFT practitioner – I use this scientifically proven & very effective tool to release triggers, beliefs and emotions at the root of the problem. 

Laurie Janssens

What Are You Struggling With?

Understand the root of your suffering & how to embrace natural healing!



Physical or mental disease – whether it’s anxiety, OCD, ADHD, a rash, difficulty getting pregnant, cancer, or MS.



Childhood trauma & (inter)generational trauma (big & small)




EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a scientifically proven & very effective technique to release negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are at the root of your problem.



German New Medicine (GNM) explains symptoms and dis-ease from a bio-logical perspective. It’s based on the embryology and evolution. It will help you to understand yourself and your body better, so fear can be replaced with understanding and peace.



My intuitive skills allow me to easily understand my client without using many words. This helps us to get to the core of the problem quick.

My Work Process

Schedule a Consultation Call

During this 15-minute call, we will delve into your issue and determine if we are a good fit. Ensuring you feel comfortable with me and that I can effectively assist you is very important for the process.

Book Your Coaching Session

Following our call, if we determine that we are a good match, you can schedule your initial session. Typically, multiple sessions are required, which is why I provide a 3-session package next to a single session.

Experience Your Transformation

The most powerful transformations take place when clients do their homework in combination with my sessions. My intention is to teach you how to help yourself so you don't need me for the rest of your life. See the testimonials below.


What My Clients are Saying

Laurie is very capable and knew how to get to my core in just 1 session. When I thought we got to the core of the problem - Laurie could get even deeper. I only needed 2 sessions to feel balanced and gain back my energy.
I'm free of Ulcerative Colitis!" I tried every single diet & medication. Nothing worked. After 5 sessions with Laurie I'm free of my dis-ease!" At one point my Ulcerative Colitis was so bad I wanted to take my life. Luckily, I am not there anymore.
I've been trying to work on my problem (with someone else) for over 10 years" Within 2 sessions with Laurie I gained more clarity then ever before! It gives faith, strength, and hope for the future.
I've been to many psychologists, but these short sessions are much more impactful. I've learned to live again, grab opportunities, and to genuinely feel! My friendships and family bonds are stronger, I'm more honest, more productive and won a big price with singing!

Learn about the root of your suffering & how to be free in 60 minutes

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